“Liberation for All” – Nationwide Campaign – Sun, March 20, 2016

Date: Sunday, March 20, 2016
Time: 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Venue: Hudson Circle (also known as Corporation Circle), Bangalore
Bengaluru Coordinators: Harshad Gupta (9591992485), Vihari Vemuri
Email ID: indiaagainstspeciesism@gmail.com

Facebook Event: Liberation for All
Google+ Event: Liberation for All


Each second, thousands of non-human animals are being tortured/used/abused/exploited/branded/enslaved/confined/brutally killed for human greed. It’s time to stop being silent about this injustice. Join us as we speak as one voice against ‪#‎speciesism‬ (discrimination on the basis of species) this Sunday at 3:30 pm. Do fill this form, if you already haven’t – Participate in Liberation for All. Feel free to share this post and spread the word.

This coordinated nationwide event is aimed at raising consciousness about the suffering of non-human animals due to our choices. Considering that this is a month marked for women’s issues, we will also highlight how the discriminatory mindset that drives this oppression is similar to the ones that hurt women and other classes of victims. This will be the second pan-India event, following the march wherein 17 cities carried out an impactful march for animal liberation.

Join us in urging the public to make more informed and ethical choices, demand policies and build systems that exploit no sentient beings – human or non-human, female or male. While we categorically stand for equity for women and other oppressed human groups, this particular event will lay more emphasis on the non-human animals’ plight. We are here to help people recognize that animals are with us on the planet, NOT for us.

Fundamentally, sexism (discriminating on the basis of gender), speciesism (discrimination on the basis of species) and all other discriminations have an ethically irrelevant and unjustifiable basis. And, they all cause immense suffering to innocents. From unequal opportunities to domestic violence, women have had to suffer from a variety of injustices and atrocities that are rooted in sexist, male dominated mindsets. As for non-human animals, as many as tens of billions of them are yearly put through tremendous physical and mental agony – for food, clothing, entertainment, experimentation, labour, etc. For more info on the plight of animals: https://indiaagainstspeciesism.wordpress.com/.

Join the scores of people in India and around the world who practice and promote anti-sexism, anti-speciesism (veganism) and anti-oppression in general. Being vegan means avoiding milk & its products, eggs, meat, honey (substituting them with their plant-based alternatives for taste if desired), wool, leather, fur, pearl, silk, zoos, circuses, animal riding, animal-tested products and all other uses of animals (unless they are absolutely unavoidable).

‪#‎LiberationForAll‬ ‪#‎AnimalLiberation‬ ‪#‎IndiaAgainstSpeciesism‬



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