Vegan Bangalore potluck: Sat, March 29, 2014

The next Vegan Bangalore potluck is this Saturday, March 29, 2014 at Rani Park (inside Cubbon Park).

Date: Saturday, March 29, 2014
Time: 2:15 pm to 5:15pm

If you’re attending the potluck for the first time, please do take a few minutes to read the following important information.

We will be meeting between 2:00 to 2:30 PM pm at Rani Park (lawn across the road from the Chinnaswamy Cricket Stadium, behind the Victoria statue, near the MG Road/Kasturba Road junction) and have the picnic spread there.

After *carefully* reading *all* the details below, if you need further help and would like to call someone for information, please reply to this email (or send an email to with your number or to get contact details. If you are attending the potluck for the first time, we *strongly* encourage you to do this so that you don’t miss us at Cubbon Park.

1. *All* are welcome! 🙂 You don’t have to be vegan to attend the potluck. Even if you’re just curious about a vegan lifestyle or interested to learn about veganism you can join us.

2. You *MUST* bring a 100% vegan dish to share. Everyone brings something so it won’t be fair if you walk in empty handed.

3. It would be nice if you bring a vegan dish that is prepared by yourself; however, if you are unable to cook then feel free to carry food that you have purchased.

4. If you’ve purchased the food, then make sure there’s an ingredients list on the package so we can be assured that it is vegan. Particularly if you’re a first time attendee who is not vegan, please don’t expect us to take your word for it that the food you’ve purchased is completely vegan.

5. If you’re unsure about what to bring then the best bets are fresh fruits and fruit juices. Everyone appreciates fruits. 🙂

6. Please bring plates, glasses, bowls, forks, spoons and serving spoons for yourself. Everyone brings their own.

7. We usually have about 10-20 people attending. Bring enough food for 5-6 people to eat well and that’ll be enough.

8. Come, relax, and enjoy the food and conversation!

Looking forward to meeting everyone. 🙂

You can expect us to be at Rani Park between 2:00 PM and 2:30 PM.

– Vegan Bangalore Team


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