Vegan picnic in Cubbon Park: 16 April 2011

The monthly Bangalore vegan meet is open to everyone: new and long-term vegans, vegetarians or anyone who would like to learn about veganism and sample some delicious vegan dishes. This is a great way to meet and make friends with vegans in Bangalore and share experiences, tips and recipes. There is no agenda, just come, eat, socialise and enjoy!

Join us for a vegan picnic in Cubbon Park! Bring your favourite vegan dish or snack to share with others. We are trying to be eco-friendly, so please also bring your own plate, cup and cutlery.  And something to sit on!

We will meet at Rani Park (the small park adjacent to Cubbon Park) at 3pm. It’s located across the road from Chinnaswamy Cricket Stadium.

For more information, contact us:


4 thoughts on “Vegan picnic in Cubbon Park: 16 April 2011”

  1. I am so happy i found this group!! I would love to come, but it might be difficult with my 2.5 month old!! I will definitely still try and make it.


  2. hai,
    I read about vegan club in the paper. I am a stron vegetarian. I would like to suggest that the monthly meet could be on a sunday so that business people like me also can attend and make it more interesting



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